With over 20 years of combined experience, we established the Mr.Work Permit Company in Thailand since 1999 year, we are the qualified team to serve for the services
services to a board range of small to medium sized business, especially for the business foreigner.

One Year Visa

– Business Visa
– Marriage Visa
– Retirement Visa

Work Permit

– Request Work Permit
– Extension

Company Registration

– Set up company +TAX I.D.+VAT+SOCAIL SECURITY

Board Of Investment

– B.O.I. Approval Request

Other Registration

– VAT Registration
– Social Security Fund

Other Services

– Tax Identification Card
– Trade Mark Registration
– FDA License
– Thai Permanent Resident

Call us today at 02 043 2112 or Email us at info@bookkeeping.co.th

It is our objective to provide all clients with a service that is not only of the highest quality but delivered promptly
and efficiently to maximise their experience.

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